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Top Whorl Spindle (IMPERFECT) for spinning - Flat Pack - Red

Top Whorl Spindle (IMPERFECT) for spinning - Flat Pack - Red

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This imperfect top whorl spindle is 3D printed using PLA.  It is very simple to assemble, find instructions here. With this listing you receive a rod, whorl and hook.

You can easily disassemble your spindle when you need to unlike a lot of others which is great if you're short of space!

The total weight comes to 30/31 grams. 

The length of the rod with the hook attached is 26cm/10"

Find information on how to use your spindle here and how to assemble it here.

This spindle has been designed by the super talented 3D printing whiz Sarah at Strange Printz

Please avoid placing your tool too close to a heat source such as a radiator or in direct sunlight as this can cause warping.
We sand these tools down by hand to prevent sharp edges that could snag your fibre and you may see evidence of this. Occasionally our prints may have non visible defects that cause weakness. Please message us if you have any issues, we are always here to help!

Please allow for differences in colour due to varying computer monitors. Imperfect prints have blemishes in the finish but still function as they should.




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