How to assemble your drop spindle

Thank you for purchasing my 3D printed top whorl drop spindle, designed by the fantastic Sarah from Strange Printz. Assembly is super simple.  You should have a rod, a whorl (the disc) and a hook.


Pop the whorl onto the thinnest end of the rod (this is the top).

Now screw the hook into the narrower end of the rod. You want it in firmly but don't force it.

Next, slide your whorl back up and realign it on the rod so that the notch in it lines up with the back of the hook. You may need to slightly unscrew the hook to get it correctly aligned.

Finally, gently ensure your whorl is pushed down fully. You will notice that one side of the rod has steps, the top of the whorl should line up at around the 3rd or 4th step down.

That's it, you're ready to spin!