Using your small loom

Tie a bow after wrapping your yarn several times around the notch at one side of your loom.

Go from top to bottom, warping your loom.

Wrap around the notch several times at the other end and secure with a bow.

You don't have to warp the whole way across the loom if you want a smaller finished piece. I somehow managed to miss a slot, this wasn't intentional! Doh.

Choose a yarn and weave in your desired pattern. With mine I chose to go over and under 1 warp thread and then alternate on the next row etc.

Push your yarn down.

Weave as many rows as you want.

Then you need to tidy up the ends hanging out. You could just tie them in pairs and create tassels. I chose to weave them into the back with a tapestry needle.

Untie your bows.


Remove from the loom.


Pull the warp thread so that it tightens all of the loops on the bottom for a tidy edge.


I then tied the loose ends together and wove them into the back of the piece.

You may need to pull it about a little to get it square. If you wish you can soak it in hot water and then lay flat to dry, this will help your woven yarns bloom and spread out a little.

 All finished! Well done you! Please do share your makes by tagging us on social media.