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Hairy Dog Crafts

Handwoven Scarf - 37cm wide 168cm long

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This scarf is the snuggliest scarf in the collection (yes, we think it is acceptable to make up words in the instance!).

Size is approximately 37cm wide by 168cm long (not including the tassels).

View a video of this scarf here. I really didn't want to part with this one!

All of our woven scarves are one-of-a-kind and contain a variety of hand spun yarn and commercial yarns.  Because they are made by humans, they will not be perfect but they are full of character! For more information and videos of our scarves, please do visit our social media pages.

We recommend that you handwash in lukewarm water, roll in a towel to remove excess moisture and then dry flat to dry.

Please allow for differences in colour due to varying computer screens.



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