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30 Grams of Scrappy Valais Blacknose

30 Grams of Scrappy Valais Blacknose

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This gorgeously textured wool is from Shaun and Eric who live in Lincolnshire.  They are Valais Blacknose sheep.

This fibre has had a wash but still contains some lanolin (so is greasy to the touch) and has a lot of vegetable matter. If you are wet felting with it you will use hot water and soap and so the grease will wash out.

The final photo shows some yarn that I spun up with this type of fibre and then soaked in hot water and fibre scour, then rinsed with clean hot water. I didn't card it first, I simply put all of the fibre in a big mixing bowl and opened the fibre up as I spun so that it all picked up the twist and connected.

This is quite a hairy wool and sheds quite a lot.

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